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The Port handled a record quantity of 68.04 million tonnes of traffic during the current FY 2010-11 as against 65.50 milllion tonnes handled during 2009-10

Principal cargo wise traffic:

Type million tonnes Notable achievements during the year are as under
POL 19.27
Iron ore and pellets 19.12
Coking coal 7.34
Thermal coal 3.54
Fertilisers 3.27
Fertiliser raw materials 0.81
Container cargo 2.57
Other cargo 12.12
Total 68.04

Description of record Performance (tonnes) Date of occurance Shipping Agent Exporter/ Importer Stevedore Previous performance (tonnes)
Loading of Thermal Coal in bulk in a day 41,808 02-04-2015 M/s. Seaport Shipping Ltd.   M/s. South India Corporatin 40,135
Loading of Alumina in bulk in a day 6,057 10-09-2014 M/s. Orissa Stevedore Ltd. M/.s Utkal Alumina Internatinal Ltd. M/s. Orissa Stevedore Ltd. 2,065
Loading of Iron ore pellets in a day 37,940 12-12-2013 M/s. Glory Faith shipping Agencies M/s. KIOCL ltd M/s. SVK Shipping Servies P Ltd 34,119
Loading of Iron ore pellets in a day 27,199 20-11-2013 M/s. Chowgule Brothers Pvt ltd. M/s. Brahmani River Pellets Ltd M/s. Steel City Shipping Services 26,001
UnLoading of Bauxite in bulk  in a day 27,118 13-09-2013 M/s. Chowgule Brothers M/s. Vedanta Aluminum Ltd M/s. Vizag Searport P ltd 20,021
Loading of Iron Ore fineLoading of Steel Mill Scale in bulk in a day 20,311 10-08-2013 M/s. United Liner Agencies I P Ltd. M/s. K.K. Enterprises. M/s. Shree Ashapura Cargo Carriers 19,018
Loading of Iron Ore fines in bulk in a daypan> 37,150 11-4-2013 M/s. Chowgule Brothers (P) Ltd. M/s. Welspun Maxsteel Ltd M/s. SICAL Logistics Ltd 36,975
Loading of Iron Ore fines in bulk in a day 36,975 04-04-2013 M/s. Sree Binni Shpping   M/.s Kamakshi Shipping 33,116
Record Loading of Thermal Coal in Bulk in a Day 40,135 25.02.2012 M/s Seapol Shipping (p) Ltd M/s Tamilnadu Electricity Board Tuticorin M/s South India Corporation Limited 31,743
Discharge of Industrial Salt 24,939 14.02.2012 M/s Picket Shipping & Logistics   M/s Sri Ashapura Cargo Carriers 22,646
Steam Coal 33,533 12.02.2012 M/s Maritime Services  (p) Ltd   M/s Vizag Sea Port Pvt.Ltd 26,811
Steel Slabs 7,384 12.02.2012 M/s Glory Faith Shipping Agencies   M/s Integral Trading and Logistics 7,265
Unloading of DOLOMITE in bulk in a day 16,319 03-02-2012 M/s Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd.,   M/s Bothra Shippong Services 15,507
Loading of Iron ore pellets in bulk in a day 29,169 29.01.2012 M/s ESSAR Shipping   M/s ESSkay Shipping pvt.ltd., 26,001
Discharge of Anthracite Coal in bulk in a day 15,148 27.12.2011 M/s.Merchant Shipping Services M/s Robit Ferro-Tech Ltd M/s.K.R & SONS PVT LTD 15,013
Unloading of NPK (Fertilisers) 14,507 24-12-2011 M/s. Interocean Shipping (I) Pvt. Ltd., -- M/s. Gangi Reddy Shipping 11,571
Unloading of IRON ORE pellets in bulk in a day 26,311 23.11.2011 M/s K.R.Sons M/s Bhushan Power & Steel M/s Bothra Shipping Services 25,991
Record Discharge of NPS Grade in bulk in a day 14080 04.11.2011 M/s.Seatrans Marine Private Lted M/s Indian Postash Limited M/s.Gangi Reddy Shipping 7521
Record Loading of Granite blocks in a day 6,345 02.11.2011 M/s Puyvast Maritime India M/s GTP Exports
Private Ltd.,
M/s Century Star 5,381
Record Loading of Steel Billets 7,265 04.10.2011 M/s J M Baxi & Company M/s Jindal Steel & Power Limited M/s SeaWays Shipping Limited 5,360
Unloading of BAUXITE ORE 19,754 26-09-2011 M/s. Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. -- M/s. Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. 19,009
Unloading of AMMONIUM NITRATE 9,070 23-09-2011 M/s. Special Blast Ltd. -- M/s. Special Blast Ltd. 8,550
Unloading of  Industrial Salt 1,510 06.08.2011 M/s PICKET SHIPPING &LOGISTICS --- M/s ASHAPURA CARGO CARRIERS 1,451
Unloading of Timber Logs in a Day 2,798 22.05.2011 M/s Synergy Shipping Pvt. Ltd. --- M/s Synergy Shipping Pvt. Ltd. 2,317
Ammonium Nitrate
8,550 16.04.2011 M/s K.Ramabrahmam
Solar Industries India Ltd. &
Indian Explosive Pvt.Ltd.
M/s Sravan Shipping &
M/s Integral Trading
of Manganese ore
19,405 17.03.2011 M/s. Seatrans Marine PTE Ltd. M/s MMtc Limited M/s Bothra Shipping Services 18,073
Steel Mill Scale
17,500 9.03.2011 M/s Crest Merchandise Pvt. Ltd. M/s Seatrans Marine Pvt.Ltd M/s Puy Vast Maritime India Pvt.Ltd. 11,076
Manganese Ore
21,686 6.03.2011 M/s.Seahorse Ship Agencies M/s.Hira Power and Steel Ltd. M/s.Integral Trading & Logistics 19,425
Unloading Urea 20,045 12.1.2011 Seatrans Marine NFCL K.R.& Sons 16,607
Loading Manganese Ore 18,073 7.1.2011 Seatrans Marine MMTC S.V.K.Shipping 15,920
Unloading Shredded Steel Scrap 5,793 3.1.2011 Esskay Shipping Bhushan Power and Steel Bothra Shipping Services 5,761
Unloading Urea in bulk 16,607 29.12.2010 Seatrans Marine Pvt. Ltd. NFCL K.R & Sons Pvt. Ltd. 15,951
Unloading yellow peas 7,372 28.10.2010 SeaHorse Ship Agencies PEC Ltd. & M.J.International Tinna Viterra Trade Pvtd. Ltd 6,265
Unloading Chrome ore 8,014 22.08.2010 James Mackintosh & Co Vishnu Chemicals Ltd. Srivalli Shipping 6,057
Loading Thermal coal 31,743 16.08.2010 ESSKAY Shipping TNEB SIC Ltd. 30,519
Unloading Hot Rolled Steel Coils 5,958 14.08.2010 NAV Shpping & Marine Services PSL Ltd. Srivalli Shipping 5,360
Loading Steel Millscale 11,076 11.08.2010 United Liner Agencies K.K.Enterprises Seaport Logistics 10,400
Unloading Ammonium Nitrate 8,700 26.07.2010 NAV Shipping & Marine Services -- Sravan Shipping & KR & Sons 8,324
Unloading Industrial Salt 21,762 10.05.2010 Vindhya Satpura Shpping Andhra Sugars Ltd. Shree Ashapura Cargo Carriers 18,308
Unloading DAP 16,981 25.04.2010 Inter Ocean Shipping Indian Potash Ltd. Gangireddy Shipping 16,158
Loading iron ore (CLO & Fines) – Conv. 36,015 23.04.2010 Sree Binni Shipping Ispat Industries SICAL Logistics Ltd 34,533
unloading of muriate of potash 22,727 08.01.2012 M/s.Gangireddy Shipping   M/sK.Ramabrahmam & Sons 22,227
Loading of Iron Ore fines in bulk in a day 32,869 08-02-2012 K.R & Sons Private Limited   M/s. ESSKAY Shipping 32,493
Unloading of Chromite Ore in bulk in a day 9,500 15-09-2012 M/s JM Baxi & Company   M/s Srivalli Shipping & Transport 8,014