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Vigilance Administration

Vigilance Department of Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) plays a vital role in the eradication of corruption by maintaining transperancy in the organization. An integral part of the vigilance function is to support and increase the ethical values within the organization.

This Department is headed by Mujib Pasha Shaik, I.T.S., the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO). The main task is “handling and investigation of complaints received from individuals, Ministry of Shipping, Central Vigilance Commission, VPT Management and other sources”.

Preventive vigilance tasks include surprise inspections, joint surprise inspections, regular surveillance/scrutiny of procurement and contract files, scrutiny of property returns of employees, coordination with Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), Chief Technical Examiner (CTE), Vigilance Wing of Ministry of Shipping (MOS).

The CVO also provides advice to the Chairman, VPT on all vigilance matters. The Vigilance executives function under the direct control and overall guidance of CVO.

Please read carefully before lodging online complaints to Vigilance Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT).

• Please follow the guidelines and act strictly according to the procedure

• Do not pay bribes. If anybody of VPT asks for bribe or if you have any information on corruption in VPT or if you are a victim of corruption in VPT, you can complain to the following:

Name and Designation Telephone Fax Address
Chairman 287-3102 0891-2565023 The Chairman, Visakhapatnam Port Trust, Visakhapatnam –35.
Chief Vigilance Officer 287-3041 0891-2564487
Toll Free No:
1800 425 0890
The Chief Vigilance Officer, Visakhapatnam Port Trust, Visakhapatnam –35.


1. Complaints can be lodged by any of the following means to either Chairman or Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), VPT or both

Through online complaint system
Directly meeting Chairman/CVO
Written complaint to Chairman/CVO
Directly informing Chairman/CVO over phone / fax / e-mail

2. Complaints can be lodged only against the employees / officers of VPT.

3. The vigilance does not entertain anonymous / pseudonymous complaints. Please give your proper name and address. The name and address of complainant will be kept totally confidential.

4. Please ensure that complaint is directly addressed to Chairman / CVO.

5. Complaints registered will be duly acknowledged, if the complainant so desires.

6. However, it is not possible to keep the complainant updated with the status of the case. No complaint shall remain un-attended. The complaints are followed up by the Vigilance to their logical conclusions.

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